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Step 1

Call us at 310-512-7779 or send us an e-mail! We’re happy to answer questions and see if Speaker Services is right for you.

Step 2

Our professional writers craft your listing and submit it for your approval. It has to feel right to you, so we go back and forth until you think it’s awesome.

Step 3

When you approve your listing, we post it online in the Speakers Directory and schedule your private coaching sessions with our experts.

Be seen. Get booked.

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Your listing in the Speakers Directory is like having a website dedicated to your speaking career! Thousands of event planners search our online Speakers Directory!


Here are answers to questions we get asked the most…

It’s an online Directory of speakers for fee and free that targets meeting and event planners, talk show producers, corporations, associations and interest groups of all kinds who need speakers. When an organization, business or individual has a need for a speaker on your topic, they can find you quickly and easily at

Here’s what you get…

  • Professional write-up that highlights what you offer audiences
  • Video clip (if you have it)
  • Tagline: A powerful summary of who you are and what you do
  • Titles and descriptions of your presentations
  • Photo and bio
  • Best-fit audiences
  • Testimonials
  • Speaker One-Sheet if you have it. (It’s easy to turn your listing into a one-sheet. We’ll show you how!)
  • Link to additional videos
  • Your e-mail, website and phone number so event planners can contact you directly

Thousands of meeting and event planners, corporate personnel, and program and human resource directors who book speakers and/or hire consultants and authors for corporations, colleges, trade and professional associations, TV and radio talk shows, singles groups, libraries, bookstores, schools, churches and synagogues, women’s groups, hospitals, health centers, civic groups, chambers of commerce, and service groups search our Speakers Directory. We e-mail to over 5,000 event coordinators every month.

Our writers are mainstream journalists and professional editors who spin the info you give us on the Speaker Intake Form into a profile that makes you shine. We emphasize how your audience will benefit from hearing you speak, which is what event planners want to know most.

From 6-18 months, depending on which plan you choose. Check out our plans here.

Yes! Your listing includes two private coaching sessions with an experienced trainer(s) on our team. Check them out here. Choose from the topics below. Whether you’re a new or experienced speaker, these sessions can help improve your presentation skills and promotional materials. Plus, we can show you how to find more speaking gigs and position yourself as a media expert. You can schedule your coaching sessions anytime—before or after your listing is finished, or while we’re preparing it. Choose any two topics from the following list, and we’re adding more all the time!I want to…

  • Get more speaking gigs
  • Build or polish my presentation skills
  • Jumpstart or boost my speaking career
  • Develop my presentations
  • Promote my business through speaking
  • Overcome shyness when speaking
  • Promote my book and speaking career
  • Master speaking skills for women professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Get video by doing Google hangouts
  • Do more social media posts in less time
  • Fix or improve my reputation online

We have four plans for listing in the Speakers Directory, from Emerging Speaker to Pro Gold. Check them out here.
 We take credit cards and PayPal, and all plans include a professional profile by our writers plus private coaching sessions with the experts on our team. It’s $99-149 down to get started, depending on which plan you choose, and payments range from $25-39/month. (Pay in full and get extra months in the Directory.) Updates and changes? Of course! It’s all included.

If you’re just starting out, speaking for free is often the way to go. And you can still make money! You can attract clients and customers and promote your seminars, products, books, CDs and DVDs through your speaking appearances – in fact, speaking for free can really pay off. Our clients who speak for free often get invited back to do paid gigs, such as keynotes or breakouts at conferences or corporate trainings. Speaking for free is a way to build your skills and make connections that lead to gigs that pay.


“I got a free gig from Speaker Services for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and after the presentation last week in Palm Springs, they contracted me to do four 50-minute tele-coaching sessions as a follow-up. I didn’t have to submit a proposal or even negotiate – and I’m getting $2500! Also, they are interested in me for several other training/facilitating opportunities… Woohoo!”

– Nan Vaughn

“I am quite skeptical, as a rule, about listing with Internet services, but I can honestly say that Speaker Services has not only paid for itself but has provided a steady stream of inquiries since I listed with them.”– Juliet Funt

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