It’s an online Directory of speakers for free and fee that targets meeting and event planners, talk show producers, corporations, associations and interest groups of all kinds who need speakers. When an organization, business or individual has a need for a speaker/author on your topic, they can find you quickly and easily at and on Google and other search engines.

Authors, therapists, financial planners, health practitioners, lawyers, entrepreneurs, physicians, humorists, clergy, actors, educators, trainers, managers, corporate executives, consultants, or any professional interested in increasing their business base. If you have knowledge you can share, Speaker Services can help you build your speaking career.

Thousands of meeting and event planners, corporate personnel, and program and human resource directors who book speakers use our Speakers Directory, and when you’re in our Directory, you show up on Google and other search engines as well. Event planners and producers search our Directory for speakers for corporations, colleges, trade and professional associations, TV and radio talk shows, singles groups, libraries, bookstores, schools, churches and synagogues, women’s groups, hospitals, health centers, civic groups, chambers of commerce, service groups, and much, much more. We e-mail to over 5,000 event coordinators every month

Your listing in the Speakers Directory is like having a website dedicated to your speaking career. In fact, many of our speakers create a Web address that takes event planners right to their listing. Plus, when you’re in the Directory, you have a Web presence as a speaker on Google and other search engines.
Your listing includes the following:

    1. National and international exposure

    2. 6-page speaking profile by our professional writers, including your presentations, bio and best-fit audiences

    3. Video embedded in your listing, plus links to additional videos

    4. Detailed descriptions of your presentations

    5. Unlimited topic categories

    6. Your social media platforms

    7. Testimonials

    8. Speaker One-Sheet, if you have it. (It’s easy to turn your listing into a one-sheet. We’ll show you how!)

    9. Your e-mail, website and phone number so event planners can contact you directly

Your listing in the Speakers Directory is like having a website dedicated to your speaking career. In fact, many of our speakers create a Web address that takes event planners right to their listing.

You get 6-18 months in the Speakers Directory, depending on which plan you choose. We have four plans, from Emerging Speaker to Pro Gold. See our plans here.

Yes! You get 1-3 private coaching sessions with the experts on Our Team, depending on which plan you choose. Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • Get more speaking gigs

  • Develop your presentations

  • Become a “go-to” media expert in your field

  • Build or polish your presentation skills

  • Jumpstart or boost your speaking career

  • Promote your business through speaking

  • Build or improve your website

  • Develop or polish your promotional materials

  • Master speaking skills for women professionals and entrepreneurs

  • Get video by doing Google hangouts

  • Do more social media posts in less time

  • Promote your book

  • Fix or improve your online reputation[?su_list]

If you’re just starting out, speaking for free is often the way to go. And you can still make money! You can attract clients and customers, promote your seminar, product, book, CD, or DVD through your speaking appearances – in fact, speaking for free can really pay off. Our clients who speak for free often get invited back to do paid gigs, such as keynotes at conferences or corporate trainings. Speaking for free is a way to build your skills and make connections that lead to gigs that pay.

It’s $99-149 down to get started, depending on which plan you choose, and payments range from $25-39/month. (Pay in full and get additional months in the Directory.) Updates and changes? Of course! It’s all included. See our plans here.

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