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This game is based on the popular Ksonyk, with the same principles and goals. In the new version you are in the air, serve the planes and play in a three-dimensional field and win. AirKsoniKs is like the original Csonic in which you control a device that moves around a field that has many balls of sizemonsters. The goal of the game, as in the first version, is to clean the balls and create a free space. There are also mines, which notice that they move around the covered surfaces, and the time limit. Bonuses can help or hinder your efforts, such as speed, money, weather, slowness and life. Collectappropriate life-sustaining bonuses, increase your score and time and slow down the progress in mines and ({{{{“application app scanning”);}); The classic game has a modern style. This stylish look at the old classic launches the game to a new level, with lots of new photosand exciting bonuses, presented in 3D. The game has finished spectacular special effects and excellent 3D sound. The complete AirKsoniKs set contains 5 different games and over 80 levels.

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